Week 13 Reflection

This week we all posted our Philosophy of Adaptation.  I focused on my moral purpose because it is a basis for my philosophy of adaptation.  With all that we have learned about during this class we have been guided towards this purpose.  In our Mentor project, through our relationships with each other, we have been learning together and guiding each other towards really looking deeply at what our philosophy is.

From Tyler’s inspiring implementations that guide others to see it isn’t so difficult to implement and adapt to change, to Genevieve’s three part philosophy of adaptation which shows the connections we need to make to guide these changes, we have all come together to understand that we need to be adaptable.  Our adaptability is something we depend on to push forward with our students.  Today’s students are vastly different from the students we were when we went through the education system.  We have to be able to use the technology that is out there to keep up with their minds, their experiences, and the times.  I love that everyone is willing to put themselves forth as a leader in this area in hopes that we can make that adjustment and guide our students to becoming the best that they can as productive members of our society.


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