Week 12: Reflection

This week we looked at how controlled disruption is a very good thing.  Everyone was on board with change and how it is important to have disruption, we learn and grow from it.  We just need to be able to control it and help others to learn from it as well as have them on board with the change.   I loved that Theresa included Fullan’s Change Model.  It is such a great representation of what is needed to facilitate change.  Cherie and Ali, who hosted our tweet session this week really made us have to think about this process and what we need to do to create an environment of supportive members who will accept the disturbances and grow from the change.  While Tyler reminded us to jump in and be the leaders at our own schools and be the ones to push forward the change.  If no one else does it then it will never happen.  Way to go Tyler, that Science Fair sounded like it was a huge success.

Then with my mentee, I was able to end on a high note.  I sat with her on Thursday and we went through the evaluation survey.  She was very impressed with our project and was excited to continue it after Thanksgiving break.  I will be assisting with this, as well.  The kids were so excited that their parents were asking for information to log on at home.  The plan is to write a brief letter home explaining the process and providing the site, id, and password for each student so they may continue their work at home on Storybird.  These kids are greatly enjoying creating their own stories, having parents assist at home will continue that support and only expand their excitement in writing.


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