Week 10 Reflection

There were a lot of differing opinions on this week’s essential question.  I have to say that I agreed with most opinions.  It went about half and half for believing that the statement was true.  I think that the only reason there was such disagreement was because the idea of “right” or “wrong” could mean so many things.  Being the right person for the job or the right attitude for the atmosphere of the building.  Having the right skills, the right mentality, or the right drive can mean all the difference in opinions.  After reading some blogs I was reminded that the “wrong” person for one building, may be the “right” person for another building.  Another gave a statistic showing how doctors were more likely to lose their license than teachers were to lose their credentials.  I looked up the statistics and found this article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/leonie-haimson/factchecking-waiting-for-_b_802900.html It is a very interesting article and still opens up some questions, but I can see how our profession isn’t taken as seriously as others, though what we do is so important in the life of our children.  I loved reading the differing opinions and responses to blog posts.

This week I met with my mentee after I had created her a Storybird account with her class input into her account.  The other two 1st grade teachers were extremely excited and wanted to be included.  So, I am currently working on creating them accounts as well.  I will meet with all three on Tuesday to train them on how to navigate the site and hand over their passwords, for themselves and their students.  This Training has turned into a focus on Storybird rather than many apps, although I plan to continue to introduce apps to my mentee.  I have a feeling the other two will continue to join in on these meetings.  It has been a lot of fun sharing information with my co workers.


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