Week 9 Reflection

This week we looked at the different leadership styles and how it is important for us to know them all well enough to be able to use them according to whatever situation arises.  Sometimes we need more of one style than another, sometimes we need to focus on just one or two.  We use these styles to help differentiate while managing change.  Change is constant and will continue to guide our learning in the future.  Most blogs were very similar.  We all expressed how Fullan believes that we need to know these six leadership styles from Goleman.  Many went through the change process and what they were.  Everyone seems to agree that we need to know the styles well enough to be able to implement them according to the differing situations that arise.  Being able to adjust to change and manage it is vital to keeping up with our times.

Project update:

I met with my mentee twice last week, since she was not at school the week before.  We were able to go through two apps; Geoboards and Tellagami.  Then I discovered that she still hasn’t had the time to explore Storybird so I decided to help her out.  I asked her to get me a class list of the students and an id and password that she would like to use.  I will be setting up her classroom in Storybird so that she can use it with ipads.


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