Week 8: Reflection

This week was a great reminder of why I am an educator.  It is not about the pay or the gratitude, it is about the kids.  I heard from several people this week who basically said the same thing.  Our moral purpose is to serve our kids.  Whether it is teaching them to use their resources, educating all diligently, respecting them and providing a safe place for them to learn, or just creating that environment that gets them excited about their own learning.  We are there for our students.  It was so amazing to meet Lee and so many of our classmates this weekend (Cindy, Mia, Chris, and others).  We have been able to talk about our classrooms and get better acquainted.  I invite you all to feel free to get in contact with me any time you come into Juneau.  It is so rich to hear your stories and relate to what you are doing in your schools.  We learn so much from each other.  I had recommended a discrepant event gem called, Brain-Powered Science Teaching and Learning With Discrepant Events (retrieved from http://static.nsta.org/files/PB271Xweb.pdf).  It goes through several discrepant events to get your kids excited about science.  They are wonderful “hooks” for science lessons.

As for my mentor project.  I was unable to meet with my mentee this week.  She was out-of-town all week, then I left town on Thursday.  So, we were in passing.  We met the week before, our first initial meeting.  I showed her Storybird and demonstrated how to create books using this app.  I showed her several books and poems I had created.  I mentioned that she could also have them published for a small amount of money.  She was very excited about this app.  Another 1st grade teacher had come into the room while we were talking and she became interested as well.  My mentee invited her to join us when we met again.  I plan to meet with her twice next week to make up for the lost day this last week.  I will also be checking in with her to see if she has used Storybird on her own yet.  I have also decided to add an extra app or two to my Geoboard demonstration since I have gained so many these past two days at the Math and Science Conference in Sitka.  Also, Geoboards doesn’t take a lot of time to demonstrate and play with.  I am energized by this conference and am so excited to share what I have learned with others in my building.


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