Week 8: What strategies do you use that are related to your “moral purpose”? How do these contribute to your overall leadership?

“…Moral purpose cannot just be stated, it must be accompanied by strategies for realizing it, and those strategies are the leadership actions that energize people to pursue a desired goal.” (Fullan, 2002, pg. 19)

Before I can answer this question I need to explain my moral purpose.  My “moral purpose” it to teach students how to use the resources around them to become productive members in society.  Ever since I have become a teacher I have always strived for this.  I have always felt that if we could supply students with the knowledge to use the resources around them, trained them how to best utilize their surroundings, they would be successful in life.  You want them to become productive model citizens who vote, make good choices and lead happy, healthy lives.  By teaching them to look around and see what it is that will help them along the path towards their goals we are giving them an edge.  So many people say that someone is cheating or that they are taking a short cut, I disagree.  As adults we find any way to help our current situation continue or get better.  We use our resources to acheive this.  If a student doesn’t have the exposure or means to figure out how to do that they may feel that the people around them are being given their accomplishments.  That is why I feel that this purpose is so important, for students to be constantly reminded to use their resources and attempt to solve the problem.

“Digital native” is a term we hear a lot today.  “They are characterized as preferring teamwork, experiential activities, and the use of technology.” (Kvavik, 2015)  So many kids are fully submerged into technology it would be a disservice to not expose them all to it.  As teachers we may struggle to keep up, but it is great to see that there are so many who are trying.  In the classroom, that is one way that I strive to support my moral purpose by exposing my students to technology.  This mentoring project is a great example.  I am sharing my knowledge with a couple of other teachers in the building and they are really getting excited about it.  I find myself wanting to do more research and find more apps that will help them out in the future.  I want to continue this venture throughout the rest of the school year.  Maybe even share some of it with the other teachers in the building at a staff meeting.  It has empowered me as an educator but not just with my students, with my coworkers as well.

There are so many sources out there that share my moral purpose.  College Parent Central is one of those sites.  It gives information on ways to help your new college student by giving them resources they should have when attending a college or university. (2015)  There are even online videos that will help teach students proper “netiquette,” which is online etiquette that all students should know so they keep themselves safe when online. (MSMC Online Learning, 2013)  There is an unlimited amount of resources out there as long as you know how to begin to look.

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MSMC Online Learning. (2013, June 3). Student Resources: A Guide to Netiquette in Online Learning. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSnH5nQNAeY


8 thoughts on “Week 8: What strategies do you use that are related to your “moral purpose”? How do these contribute to your overall leadership?

  1. Sunshine- I agree Sunshine that knowing how to find resources and how to use them is a very important to teach the students. This is a skill that they will need to use throughout there lives. I think that students that are digital natives should know and be able to navigate through out the web because they are so may resources out there.


  2. Your moral purpose on education is very true and I understand that using your natural resources, ones that you are exposed to daily, are an essential part of striving in this world. Especially in the villages, teaching our younger generation to utilize our resources is a big part of our tradition and culture, along with survival. If they don’ know how to set a net in the summers for subsistence, or split a fish, what life skills are they learning? Because I’m from the village and native, I try to teach the importance of both subsistence and education.

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  3. As a parent of a college student I really found the link you shared for parents of college students– what a great resource. I did not know such a site existed. I could have used that last year. I’ll have to keep in mind for my other two kids. It was great getting to see you today. You had a great presentation today. I’m so grateful for the math grant.

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    • Thanks Cynthia. I was so glad to meet you and the many others today and yesterday. I have been really keeping my eye out for college info, even though my eldest son is only in 6th grade. I fouund that there is high support in dual schooling through high school which will give your child a head start for their college years.


  4. I love how all our moral purposes are so different. Maybe it’s naive, but I honestly never thought of anyone having different ideas about students before. I love your purpose! It’s definitely not what I personally find most important, but it’s so nice to have different teachers with different passions to give students such great ideas and teach them so much!
    I definitely need to check out that website. I’m always trying to help students prepare for college so it should be good!


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