Week 7: Reflection

This week I read a lot of the same types of thinking.  Here is a summary of what I did read.  It seems like we all believe that relationship building is key to leading through change.  There is also that balance of being positive in the workplace, always remembering to keep from taking sides.  We need to create an environment that is supportive and productive for all.  Having our school “business” run as such, we are able to work on remembering to address all 5 components of Fullan’s.  There is also that fine line between management and leadership, we need to be able to designate the appropriate people for the right tasks so that they have the proper skills for that job.  Without being able to separate these tasks we will have a difficult time organizing.  To organize and be able to have strong leaders and management we can create a safe, comforting environment to work in which will make everyone want to continue what they need to do and open their eyes to change.


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