Week 6: Reflection

This week we looked closely at the transition from the traditional classroom to a classroom that incorporates play, independence, guided by passion, and exploring through technology.  When discussing this through our blogs it was mentioned how there are so many questions that come up with this approach to teaching.  I agree, we have to have the support from our building, parents and district to use some of the amazing technology that is out there.  This is so new to so many that it needs to be well researched in order for us to be able to give support for the things we want to incorporate into our classrooms.  After that we need to be the guiding source for our students to help them navigate through the many resources that are out there.  Technology has grown to go beyond what we could have ever imagined.  With our assistance our students will feel comfortable finding what it is they are looking for with the use of this unlimited resource.  We just have to give them the confidence and knowledge that is necessary for them to explore.  Then there are parents, some were concerned about them (which is understandable).  I expressed how inviting them into the classroom can bring down the home anxieties.  I find that if you invite them in to observe or even join the class as they are doing the activity many won’t even take up the invitation, but they feel better about allowing it because you are confident that what you are doing they would not protest to because you have invited them to come in and see it for themselves.

It was mentioned that play and gaming are seen as something that should not be associated to learning.  When discussing this week it is a tough topic for people to handle when they are set in their ways.  The way we were taught is not how we teach today, but we were certainly not taught the same as those who were taught in the 1900s either.  Societies change and grow, as does our education system.  We need to change and grow with it or we will be left behind and our students will be unprepared for the world around them.  Like Mia’s YouTube video, School in the Cloud, stated, “It’s not about making learning happen, it’s about letting it happen.”  When kids understand that they need to know certain things in order to have a better life they will aspire to achieve it.

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