Week 5: Reflection

This week we looked at community vs. collective learning.  Learning in order to be a part of the group vs. joining a group to learn something, or give input.  Kids come from so many different environments with differing exposures.  Some kids have access to technology while others do not.  What we expose them to in the classroom may make quite a difference since they may or may not get that type of exposure to using technology outside of school.  We have to demonstrate how to be a part of collective learning so the kids are able to eventually do it, safely, on their owns.  Living in a technology filled world they will most likely have to be able to navigate it in the future.

When blogging this week I was reminded that there are really young students out there as well.   We still need to do our research no matter what, even if a student suggests it, we need to check it out first before jumping in.  There are so many research sites out there that are fashioned for grade levels, like http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/sciencefacts/animals.html which is created for 2nd graders.  Even having students research together so they can read together and help each other out when struggling can be so beneficial.

Lastly, when questioned during our tweet session this week on how to bring collective learning into the classroom, Lee mentioned how we have to leave the classroom to learn in the collective.  I do agree with that since we get a larger scale perspective, but we are limited for some.  To start by demonstrating a community then going into a collective one step at a time I think it can be helpful for our younger students (K-5).  They need the exposure at the younger ages to just realize that the possibilities are there.  By starting in the classroom they can correspond with peers, then to other schools, then go from there dependent on the age of the students.


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