Week 4 Reflection

I continue to love how these technology classes are run.  Being able to read other people’s take on the readings and getting other sites from them to explore is so much fun, informative, and reaffirms what I am thinking as well.  Then there are the tweet sessions which are a little more personal.  They are immediate feedback from others in class.  This week we really looked at play and the way it helps us to push forward with change as professionals.

Theresa mentioned how movement is important when playing. I totally agree with that statement. I have the best job in the world I am a PE teacher. I get to play with the kids all day, every day. When I looked at the essential question this week I just related it to technology. Theresa brought me back to the idea that everything is part of their learning environment. Even though we are a part of a technology course, we have to remember pieces that don’t involve technology. Just like how information we have in the classroom may not be current so we use the internet to retrieve sources that have current information, we get out of the classroom to explore hands on situations with the same idea in mind. Without the hands on exposure, they will never fully understand it.

I enjoyed reading Cindy’s blog this week. Playing because something is difficult is something that everyone does. I explained my agreement since my husband isn’t a mechanic but might as well be one for all the time he spends researching then rebuilding vehicles that everyone continues to bring into our garage. Then Sam reminded me that adult play is important for us as well. The benefits of the social interaction, the stress releaser and the pure enjoyment of it can help to create a more rounded person. If it is that important for adults to have play, then it must be just as important for our students.

I also love that Minecraft continues to come up. Genevieve has never played Minecraft so I recommended she contact Lee to see if she can get onto a current Minecraft edu system so she can explore it before looking into incorporating it in the classroom. I also found a great video tutorial that introduces Minecraft edu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lsfd9J5UgVk

As for the mentor proposal, I am a little concerned about that because things are not working with my exploration of the smart board so I might have to start looking into something else.  I am glad I still have a week to work on it, but it is still something that I worry about.  Now I think I am going to make my proposal broader.  I think I will focus on teaching different apps that can help in the classroom.  Hopefully this isn’t too broad, but it also allows me to do more than one.  I just feel that focusing on only one app will not give me enough for my mentoring.  I want my mentee to walk away with enough to feel confident in using and attempting to use several apps, giving her resources she can pull from.



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