Week 4: What does the way you play have to do with embracing change and how does this impact you as a professional?

The way you learn is important to know in whatever it is you are trying to learn.  If you can optimize your learning you can gain the most from the experience.  There are tests out there that you can take to see what type of gamer you are.  The Bartle gamer psychology is a well known one, but Bart Stewart looked into another psychlogist’s theory.  He looked into:

  • the four Bartle types, which he states demonstrates whether we are acting or interacting within the gaming world – directly with objects vs. with world systems
  • the four Keirsey Temperaments, which looked at internal vs. external players – abstract vs. concrete

He even moves on to compare their theories with other published work. (Stewart, 2015)  As instructors we can use this information to inform our grouping of students.  “The way we play games mirrors how we act in real life” (Edtechteacher, 2014).  So, with this understanding we can group according to what we want to see come out of that group if we know their gaming type.  It may not be a perfect system but it seems pretty accurate for our usage.

Change is constantly happening in the technology world.  Thomas expresses how we are unable to keep up with information by using the old style of teaching and that we need to focus more on peer-to-peer learning in the classroom in order to continue to advance along side society’s fast pace technological world. (2011, LOC 577)  With this in mind we have a lot of resistance to use gaming in the classroom because it is seen as a playtime situation not learning.  Dr. Chip Donohue stated,

“Discovery and engagement—every childhood educator would agree that those two things are important. So I think we can manage the resistance around technology if we see it as a tool. It’s not on a pedestal as something more special. The key is to match a tool to the individual child, and teachers know how to do that” (Ray, 2013).

We need to demonstrate the importance of gaming and how it is a tool we can use to reach modern day students.

Game based learning videos are an amazing start.  The GameifiEd videos were a way for students to express their interests and share them with others.  I loved how the students were the ones presenting the information.  It empowered them to share their likes and concerns with everyone.  Their opinons on what games they feel are most helpful in their learning is important for us to know so that we can modify to keep their interest as well as learn about other games that we may have not known about so we can research and implement them as well.

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6 thoughts on “Week 4: What does the way you play have to do with embracing change and how does this impact you as a professional?

  1. Sunshine- I got achiever from the gamer quiz. That is very interesting  what you wrote, “The way we play games mirrors how we act in real life” (Edtechteacher, 2014). So in real life I do try to be an achiever so I can see it mirrors in real life. I can see that technology is changing so fast. Look at the phone they come up with up like every year. People also want the upgraded version. I just upgraded my phone. Yes discovery and engagement are very important. I need to try to include more games in my classroom. I am hoping Kahoot will work great and the kids will love it. Exciting to see what they think of it.


    • I like your research point of testing the students with the gamer to see how they attack life. This is a great eye-opener. I love to know information on my students and I can see how this would help me to help them. I am working on incorporating more peer-to-peer learning. Thanks for the pointer, I will be using it.

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    • The constant change is also good for kids now a days. They are so used to the fast pace that they can easily get board with too much repetition. It also opens the door to allowing you to reach those other students who don’t like that approach or app.

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  2. You brought up several good point about gamer psychology. Your right, knowing the gamer type of your students can help with things like grouping. I also like how you brought up “We need to demonstrate the importance of gaming and how it is a tool we can use to reach modern day students” Technology is a tool. I saw a photo today that said “Good technology can enhance teaching, but good technology can’t replace bad teaching” or something like that. The point is that technology is tool 


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