Week 3 Reflection

This week I heard a lot of similar tales of childhood classrooms without much technology.  Like everyone else I too have seen technology become a part of daily life in the classroom (or at least most classrooms).  From suggestions of Kahoot to ClassDojo we are really expanding our own knowledge base to try to keep up with current technology.  We do need to use our own judgement on how to use these apps as well.  When I was blogging this week I mentioned to Theresa how Kahoot shows the scores of all students after they answer the question.  By omitting this piece you can really use this as an assessment tool instead of just a game app.  Tweeting this week was also helpful, since it allowed us to discuss our similarities and differences in the classroom (past and present).  I was even able to get some help from Cindy who e-mailed me a video to help me figure out how to use the SMART Board in my room.  I wanted to teach a newer teacher how to use the SMART Board pen and other apps that can be helpful while teaching, but I haven’t even been able to figure it out myself.  I have watched several videos and read up on several sites finding the same information which is not working for my board.  My pens are not registering, I need to figure out what is going wrong so I can try to train my mentee.  We will see if this is still the way I want to go next week, when the proposal is due.  I’m getting a little frantic about this, and hope things work out for the best.


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