Week 2: Reflection

I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in middle school, so for me it was a not a question of what but a question of what level.  As an elementary teacher I have needed to teach all academic areas.  This is a lot of work and can be very stressful.  The satisfaction of professionals in the teaching profession has been declining and the turn over rate has continued to rise.  You have to have a passion for this job.  Several people spoke of the same things this week, one of which was Burgess’ analogy of teaching to the drum.  Using our own styles and approaches to teach students with the energy and passion that we have for our profession.  Our differing ways are like those drums, we all play differently but with the same goal.  Tyler had even mentioned the challenge of teaching and how we strive on that challenge to become better at what we do.  I added to his by stating that we must enjoy puzzles, because the joy of teaching is in those challenges and trying to figure out how to solve them or at least attempt them in a way that allows for the puzzle to be attempted.

I really enjoy our tweeting sessions.  They are fun conversations and we can get a lot from our peers there.  I was sharing information on mini-society this week, to help assist in community building within the classroom.  Then a question arose about Minecraft so I posted the site for Lee’s SurvivalCraft.  It is great to be able to ask questions and get immediate responses.

In regards to the mentoring project, I am still not 100% confident on this one.  I was contemplating helping a newer teacher learn how to use the smart board within their classroom, but I don’t even know how to use it so I can’t really teach it until I learn it myself.  Then I thought maybe I could teach one of them to use an i pad app like class dojo.  It is a really cool app that I learned about from another teacher last year.  Would that be a big enough project though?  I had to pull away from the creating a website idea because I can’t see that helping the students academically.  Due to our differing schedules I don’t tend to have times I can meet with other staff members often (since I am also running a marathon club before school and running make-ups after school).  I plan to talk with my mentee at the beginning of this week on what they prefer.


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