Week 13 Reflection

I loved this week’s focus.  Assessment is so important to understand.  Being able to appropriately use both formative and summative assessments is ideal to help maximize student potential.  Not only do you have to come up with the proper questions and approaches to asses, but how you use the information you gain from these tests is key.  I loved that Ali listed formative assessment tools we could use to assess students.  Tyler also reminded me about Kahoot.it, which I am planning on incorporating in my Ubd (Thank you Tyler).  Mia had even brought up the fact that student voice and choice is important.  I told her that I was planning on having students help to create their project class rubric to assess them at the end of the unit.  Student involvement and empowerment is such a buy in for them.  If they help to create the rubric, they really know what is in it and have vested interest in their projects.

I am excited for the upcoming week.  I am joining the 5:00 Minecraft class.  I will be observing, asking questions and seeing what else I can do to assist students in their work.  I want to see if they are even interested in badges, to find out if they would accomplish certain tasks to gain those badges.  Would I be out of line for posting a badge in front of their creation as a positive reinforcement?  I want to see if there are other ways that I can help to differentiate during their building and exploration process.

Lastly, I am finishing up my Ubd and have decided to use journals with illustrations and citations, observations, and Kahoot.it for my formative assessments, while using a student created rubric, and peer and self surveys to assess their final projects and presentations.


2 thoughts on “Week 13 Reflection

  1. I like the idea of having the students create the rubric for the final project. What grade is your unit for? I teach elementary grades and I wonder if 2nd and 3rd graders would understand how to do that. Student choice is so important and students buy into well too.

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  2. My unit is for middle school age kids. My son is going into 6th grade, so it was focused around him and his buddies. 6-8 grades. There is their intrinsic motivation (self motivation).


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