Week 11 Reflection

I enjoyed creating the infographics this week.  I am more comfortable with creating these, now that I have more experience with them.  Then, when looking at the other infographics from other people this week, I found that this assignment was differentiated for us as well.  Everyone’s approach was different.  Some created infographics that could be used as extensions to the different scenarios, while others were simplistic and could be used in Minecraft on blocks.  There were infographics that can be used to show the students what type of gamer they are so they can better be prepared to attempt the scenarios and even ones that were just informational on the book (as mine is).  I loved seeing all of the different infographics.

It seems as if most people are doing the same diffi-tool, but modifying it for the other two books.  I too am creating the same type of diffi-tool for the next two books.  I will be creating badges for The Maze Runner and The Lord of the Flies.  The plan is to give them a written direction on how they can use the badges.  I assume that they would be using the same rubric that they used for The Giver, so I will be using that as a guide for how many badges I will need.  Teachers can use them as rewards for exceptional work in Minecraft relating to the rubric.  Unfortunately we didn’t get many responses to our surveys that we sent so we don’t have much information in regards to how well our tools were received by the teachers and students.  This makes me feel like we need to come up with a single survey together that we can all contribute to so that they will be more willing to fill it out, knowing that it will be the only survey.


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