Week 10 Reflection

This week was another eye opener.  I was trying to gather as many questions for the survey that I could, but not many people put in their questions.  Then when I got to reading blog posts I noticed that a lot of people sent out their own surveys already or were in the process of doing so.  Then I also learned that the responses received were so minimal that it wasn’t worth the time or energy.  I am a little frustrated because I am no longer sure if I should send out the survey.  I feel like the teachers may be burnt out in regard to answering surveys since so many have gone out already.  We need to be a little more organized in regard to this survey so that we can have it ready earlier on so that we are only sending out a single survey verses several.  Teaching time is so limited already, I can understand how they will be less inclined to answer another survey.

In regards to our diffi-tools, everyone seems happy with their tool and excited to be able to change it up for the next challenge.  I was glad to hear that at least one teacher used badges, but they also helped me to understand that more badges might be great for flexibility.  I also need to fine tune my directions on the process.  The maze was used, but getting feedback from the students would be more beneficial since they were the ones stuck there.  The forum was also used, not as much as the creators would have liked but with more exposure and possibly an earlier introduction to the features they will be able to use it will get even more use this next time around.  There was even evidence, in the game, that the memory books were used.  I am glad to see that so many of our tools were used.  Even if just one student benefited from the tool, it becomes all worth while.  Now we just need to work on improving them so that even more students will benefit from their use.  I am excited to get started on our new task in Survivalcraft!


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