Week 7 Reflection

This week I felt that I needed to read everyone’s blog post.  I was glad I did.  There are so many great ideas out there and I felt that we covered a lot of ground with all of us attempting different things from different angles.  From Geo caching, to the trouble maze, or the underground communities, the amazing Liveminutes forum that will be available for teachers during the evenings of the gaming, to the memory books, and the many badges earned in multiple differing ways, or even the surveys that we are producing both for students and teachers makes me feel confident that we have really worked hard to assist these teachers in differentiating instruction for their students.  I am excited to see and hear whether our tools and/or resources are received well and used by both students and teachers.

I have created badges for students so that they may receive them as they go through the scenarios.  I read through the book The Giver and wrote down the memories that were given.  I have created badges from those memories and am sending them to each teacher through their e-mail.  I also have a write up that I will be including that gives them the website that will help students to post their badges in Minecraft using the paintings feature.  I also am leaving it up to the teachers on what badge to give for each exceeds they obtain in regards to the Rubric that was created for this unit.  Students will post their badges as pictures on a large billboard that they create to share their achievements.  I am excited to see how this fares, as well as how all of our ideas are used and whether they are truly helpful in differentiating during this unit.


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