Week 7

How will I assess the effectiveness of the differentiation I have planned for #Givercraft?

After our hangout last week I stopped off at the library and picked up a copy of The Giver. I am almost done reading the book. It is a page turner. I have jotted down all of the memories that were received by Jonas, and some other parts I found to be important in the book. I figured these would be more meaningful badges to earn since they would connect with the book. I plan to send them to the teachers as soon as I have completed them all. They will be sent out to students as they exceed the expectations for the criterion on the rubric. I could also create them for students who meet expectations, which would bring the amount of badges to 26. I am curious on other opinions in regards to this. I will be creating only 13 badge if I am only creating one for those who exceed the expectations. It’s like a sticker for the kids who work above and beyond. I thought that creating one for the kid that meets would take away from the power of the badge. My plan was only to create for the exceptional, but am open to your thoughts.


In regards to assessing the effectiveness of this differentiation, I figured I could write up a small direction on how students should display their badges. I was first thinking they could display them on their blog sites, but then I thought that having them actually display within the game would be so much more fun. I figured they can create a building that can house their badges in Givercraft. It can be their memory site or some creative building which they could fill with paintings that display their badges. I found this great video and takes you step through step on how to put your own pictures into Minecraft. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRR-tzx8L28&noredirect=1 This would be a wonderful way to display the badges, as paintings. If you have any other thoughts please let me know so I can include them in this weekend!


11 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. Good idea – I really like your idea of using memories instead of badges. WOW – I had no idea you could add your own pictures to MInecraft!. That is huge to me. Your blog post made my day. Thanks for the information and ideas.


    • I am making the pictures on the badges represent the memories. I thought it was cool too. I didn’t know about the pictures either so I researched it to see if it was possible. I think the kids would love doing some behind the scenes stuff!


  2. I really like the idea of putting their badges on the walls as paintings! That’s something I would never even knew was a reality. It’s fun reading everyone’s ideas, for me especially the posts from people who really get Minecraft because it makes the game sound a lot cooler and something that maybe I’ll look into playing more and learning more this summer when I have more time. As far as badges, I think you could go either way, 26 badges though sounds like a lot to create (at least to me). I could see it motivating the lower students to at least meet the expectation because it might not be so out of their realm of possibility of succeeding, but they still get a badge. On the other hand, if students just want their number of badges to be more than anyone else’s they might stop when the expectation is met and not go above and beyond. Either way your idea is super creative and fun, and I think kids will enjoy meeting the standard no matter what it is.


    • Yeah, that’s what I have been going back and forth about. I think I will do it for the exceptional and make extras so teachers can decide for themselves if they want to give out other badges for other reasons.


  3. I was going to see if you could create a badge for those who finish the explorer challenges, but it sounds like you have a lot on you plate!
    I’m looking forward to seeing your badges and finding out how effective they are.


  4. I think your idea of having students create a badge building is great! That way the students can see it in the game, instead of trying to find their badges on their wiki. I am wondering if they could create a board, like a billboard, to display their badges out in the open rather than having to have people walk into a building to see them. I can’t wait to see your diffi-tool in action and what the badges look like.


  5. Very cool! I love that you just popped over to the library to pick up the book! Great resource with using the pictures in the game, I can’t wait to see you badges! Jon and I were planning on “hiring” you to create a badge for our diffi-tools but I think you will have your hands full with your own! I think you should create badges for those who meet the standards as well, I’ve learned that a lot of students make a lot of effort that isn’t captured in their work, so sometimes just meeting the expectations was a major accomplishment. Also the students’ success in this experience directly correlates to how much time and support they are given by teachers to build but also in directing instructions for each scenario. This is a different situation because we (Dr. Graham) wrote the unit plan, not the teachers, so oftentimes each teacher will implement in their own way. On our end, we only have the rubrics to go by and what we see presented by students. Anyway, I hope I’ve made my case that your awesome badges should also go to those that meet the standards! I’m looking forward to seeing them!


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