Week 6 Reflection

This week was a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to next week as well.  My badges are coming along, but I want to make sure to cover every area well.  Reading through the blog posts this week got me excited and I had to check out how things were going in Minecraft.  I love checking out what has happened in there and adding a thing here and there.  It is amazing how quickly things change in there.

Just hearing what everyone is planning on accomplishing I feel confident that we will cover every student type, even the non-gamers.  I love that we have so much collaboration and that everyone is willing to expand on the ideas that were brought up.  Tweeting and the hangout were very beneficial allowing us to ask questions and verify what directions we wanted to take.  Even with my task of creating badge, which I felt was a very small task when I began, grew to seem extremely important and a lot more time-consuming than I had originally thought.  From creating a maze for those kids who go off task or break the rules, to creating memory books for kids to find and use in their scenario, or badges for students who would rather focus on the written projects, to challenges in underground worlds or zombie attacks for the higher achievers within Givercraft we are creating a world that will differentiate for all.

I feel confident that our approaches will allow for a better scenario that will incorporate the differing abilities of all of the students.  It makes me want to get in there and be one of the students.  Enough so that I have begun to reread The Giver so that I can better create badges for the students extrinsic rewards.  If I can connect them to the story more, they will mean more when they are received.  I am open to any other ideas and will look forward to helping in Givercraft next week to assist where it is needed.

Givercraft apple


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