Week 4 Reflection

This week was a tough week, only because I felt like I was doing twice the amount of work.  We had the regular assignment, to answer the essential question, post it, respond to other posts and blogs, then reflect on it, and create a game.  Minecraft, in the past weeks were not as much work.  It may have been because I have a little bit of experience with Minecraft.  This week we needed to do some research, which was really difficult.  Finding information on Women advocates after WWI, and prior to WWII was hard.  I would have rather been a German Leader, since that would have been easier to research.  Since it was so dangerous have have this type of thinking back then the information is scarce.  I did learn a lot though, and was very proud of what I was able to create with my group.  I also threw a bunch of blocks out here and there to show the damage to the land and buildings right after the war, but everyone kept getting rid of the block piles so I created like a block junk yard (where blocks were taken after clean up).  I also thought that they wouldn’t be able to get much printed or find much that supported this thinking in that time period since the German leaders were burning those types of books and pamphlets.  I really did enjoy this activity, I felt that I learned a lot about the time period that I didn’t already know.  My husband and I had many conversations on WWI and II because of it.

As for gaming in the classroom, it seems as if a lot of people felt the same way that I did.  We feel that communication is the key to getting others to understand that gaming can be beneficial in their child’s education.  Having a good relationship with the families of the students in your classroom and keeping those channels of communication open at all times is vital to support for gaming in the classroom.  Several of us really liked Crowe’s “Wonderful Wednesdays.”  It is such a great idea to have a specified day and time for parents to feel that they can come into the classroom and join the activities that are happening.  Parents should always feel welcome to come into the classroom, but by sending out an invitation to them you are providing a window of time that makes them feel a little more comfortable to step into their child’s classroom.


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