Week 2 Reflection

This week I saw that there was a lot of agreement on several things.  Students enjoy Minecraft, so they get excited to be participating in activities that involve this program.  They are also highly willing to share their knowledge through the use of this game, they become the instructor at times.  I also got that you could use Minecraft to instruct any and all subject areas.  It is so versatile.  This week there were examples of ways to incorporate social studies through history, reading through book studies, and mathematics (which is very easily done).  The list can go on and on.

I enjoyed reading through blog sites, there were differing opinions.  Some are still skeptical, while others are highly motivated to use Minecraft.  Their are arguments for both sides, and I can understand the skepticism.  It is a new day and age and I like that those who are skeptical are giving it a chance.  It was hard for me to learn all of the new technology that I have been exploring during the past year, but it has been such a wonderful adventure.  I have gained so much knowledge and the only way to keep that knowledge and grow with it is to use it.  Minecraft is a new thing for me, that I just truly learned about starting last spring (although my own kids had already been playing it at home for a few years).  Seeing that it can be used in so many ways in all subjects has been so exciting for me.  Even this year, I have seen that there are even more sites up that post ways to incorporate Minecraft in the classroom.  I look forward to continuing to learn new technology, like creating comics and infographics, in this class as well as exploring even more ways to use Minecraft in the classroom.


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