Week #1 Reflection

This first week’s postings on differentiation seemed to be very similar. A lot of people agreed that flexible grouping is a great way to arrange students in your classroom. By constantly changing groups to suit the topic the students will be addressing, they are more likely to do their best work if this is done with a lot of thought. Having the groups created with their abilities in mind is important.

One person posted that they don’t think that always grouping them by the same ability is a good idea because students can learn a lot from each other if they have to teach someone else as they go along. I agree that this is a good idea, but not necessarily all the time. If that student tends to be the one always being the mentor to the other students, they will be the only one doing most of the work. Constantly monitoring the students and using their ability levels can help you to constantly be shifting students around.

Another post pointed out a reminder that we, as instructors, need to continually be learning about new apps, sites, and technology that is out there. We have to try to at least keep up with the kids now-a-days. By learning together, we can teacher each other. We can empower students by allowing them to be the teachers, especially when they may know more about some technologies.

Lastly, I was glad to read that many people already seem to incorporate differentiation instruction.  Some felt that this is a practice that should just come naturally.  Though there are some who did not know what this was at the beginning of the week, they now may see that it is something that was already being practiced.  It is always nice to see good practices being used without prior knowledge.  It tends to reaffirm good teaching.


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