Week 10: Reflection

I feel strained since I am a week behind.  But I felt that it was highly worth it.  I thank you Lee for allowing me to finish my data collection before posting my blog.  I feel a lot better about where I am going.  I then read through other blogs and found that the majority of us were not done collecting data, but they posted anyway.  I was surprised about that.  In the end, I still feel better about my research project even though I have to put twice the amount of work into it this week.

Tweeting is still amazing, and the hosts are getting bolder every week.  I really enjoyed tonight’s session, which I should probably talk about in my next blog reflection.  Last week’s was very nicely done as well.  Using other technology to intertwine with tweeting is brilliant.  I was very engaged in the scavenger hunt, feeling like I got a lot of information that I can always pull up again in the future.  It sparked the competitiveness in me as well.

I also always appreciate the blog posts, it points out to me any new ideas or thoughts.  I saw Scott’s data analysis and I felt a little better about mine.  I have collected data through observations and surveys, which aren’t always conducive to graphs.  When I saw the way he represented his data I felt more at ease with my representation of my data analysis.  Even Lindsey B. had a nice approach to her data analysis.  I plan to take these ideas to help me represent my own.  I feel as if I am coming along.  I know I have a ways to go, but I am getting closer.


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