Data Analysis and Interpretation

Lesson Observations:


  • Engaged in simulation during the majority of the session.
  • Interacted with students to share discoveries


  • When used appropriately simulations can benefit student engagement in learning.

Post Lesson One-on-One Questions:


  • Enjoyed the majority of the simulations.
  • Thought they were beneficial to introduce lab experiments and/or equipment.


  • Simulations allow for lab experiences that are faster, cleaner, safer and allows for exploration when the equipment is unavailable or the environment is unattainable.

Post Lesson Survey:


  • 60% of simulations explored were enjoyed.
  • 75% of the simulations explored were believed to be highly educational.


  • Simulation tools are an application we can use throughout our entire lives.

There were mixed results in regards to the final theme, but due to the minimal amount of students I had in my case study I feel that this theme was not represented well enough.  Further research will need to be conducted to support this theme.


One thought on “Data Analysis and Interpretation

  1. Check with your instructor, because they all sometimes have different requirements/requests, but generally speaking what you are doing is looking for common themes between the different types of data. I would think you’d want to now look for themes that match across your data, triangulating your results.

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