Week 9: Reflection

When reading through other blog responses this week I was in agreement to many. Aleta brought up the fact that many of us are having a tough time starting due to other factors (parent-teacher conferences, and other things that are happening in our school lives). I thought I would be able to jump right into this, but found myself unable as well. It is just that time of year, where everything is so hectic. It also gave me a moment to pause and think about how I was going to approach everything with my odd situation (being a PE teacher).

Answering the question of analyzing data is important to tackle before getting started. It really gets you thinking about what tools to use and helps to focus your data collection. In analyzing the data you want them to be only what you are focusing on, otherwise you have a huge amount of information that you have collected that doesn’t do you any good in analyzing your focused topic.

Both Scott and Lindsey B. are collecting and representing their data in the same way that I am. The benefits of graphing and charting representations are beneficial to the eye and to be able to get a lot of information very quickly. For the information we are collecting and analyzing I feel that this is the best way for us to all represent our collected data.


4 thoughts on “Week 9: Reflection

  1. Sunshine,

    After viewing my observation data in bar graph form that averages multiple observations for actively/passively engaged, off task behaviors, I can see that it would be nice to have another observer collect data at the same time to notice patterns within a particular group. I do collect peer data with my focus student, which does help. The line graph chart that tracks the same behaviors across multiple observations (not aggregated into an average) reminds me of brain waves, and provides a visualization of how crazy some students must feel as they read either because of environmental distractions or lack of background knowledge for the material they are reading.


  2. Life has seemed more crazy then normal! Halloween, PTCs, and other things there hardly seems time to organize my thoughts and get started. really like the idea of students tracking their own data. I have incorporated that with vocabulary in Spanish class. Students have a deck of flash cards they keep adding to and after timing themselves for a minute three times, they graph how many worlds they know. It is great, all i have seen are upward trends! Pretty empowering learning tool.


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