Week 7: Reflection

This week was a lot of work. Putting everything together to come up with a research paper that puts forth the entire process of my project took so much time and rereading. It really made me think about what exactly I want to do for my project. It also made me sift through the areas that I was still struggling to figure out or cut down and change. I am always grateful for feedback. It was wonderful to get some honest opinions, which were also good verifications on what I was thinking myself. I know I have even more work to do on my paper, but I keep in mind that this is a work in progress. Until the final paper is due I can always go back and make it better.

I didn’t create the last section of the paper because on the example the author wrote in past tense. I assumed this part needed to be completed after I have completed collecting my data from my research project. Then I read other blogs and found that they had completed this portion in future tense. I can see this for a good representation to show people what I will be doing. Then, when I have completed the project, I can change this to past tense and change things to represent the data I end up collecting.

When responding to other blog posts it was more helpful to me than to the receiver of my feedback. I was able to see other examples and compare them to my own. It allowed me to look closer into my own work than critically use what I have learned in my own paper. Not to say my feedback wasn’t any help to those I responded to, I just felt as if I was taking a lot out of reading their pieces. It really made me read closely so I could find something to give feedback to that might help that person. I look forward to reading their results, as I am in conducting the research project.


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