Week 5: Reflection

This week was another very helpful week. I can see the benefit of a build on model. After reading through everyone’s blog post this week (at least everyone who was able to post by Saturday night) I realized that I needed to really focus on the themes that run throughout many resources. Now, obviously, I won’t be able to appease all resources 100% but I can come up with a fine generalization for them all or at least most. When reading through other themes I realize that many of us have a theme that is basically across the board. The theme of using technology appropriately to facilitate a learning environment is a constant. If we give them technology and just say do it, who knows what they will do. We need to guide them through the process and monitor their progress constantly.

I always feel like I am doing my first post incorrectly after I have read through everyone’s posts. But then I realize that I just approached it differently and that as long as I get something out of it that will help me with my literature review, it is okay. This week I felt this way, I don’t think I generalized my themes as much as everyone else did. But I came out with my themes in the end.

  1. Simulation tools are an application we can use throughout our lives.
  2. When used appropriately simulations can benefit student engagement in learning.
  3. Simulations allow for lab experiences that are faster, cleaner, safer, and allows for exploration when the equipment are unavailable or the environment are unattainable.

Another huge benefit to me this week was our weekly tweet session. I gain so much from those sessions. I just learned how to tweet this semester, and it can be such a helpful tool, once again, if used correctly. Even the side chatter puts in that personality piece that would be lost from not having a face to face conversation. I got some great ideas and felt that I could really contribute in helping others right there on the spot. I also didn’t feel like I had all these eyes staring at me, since we had so many multiple conversations going on. Though I was keeping up with all conversations I only spoke up when I felt it would be beneficial in some way. I can see how kids can get addicted to tweeting, it’s fun, immediate and you can have multiple conversations at once. In this day and age that is the norm.


4 thoughts on “Week 5: Reflection

  1. I agree with you, when taking these classes online I really miss the face to face interaction with classmates, and I can sympathize with not knowing if I am doing things correctly. It is incredibly frustrating to not understand. I also think it is really exciting and rewarding to see what others come up with and hear their comments on your own work.

    Keep up the good work, we really are all benefiting from all contributions!


    • Thanks Lindsey,
      I do love that we can communicate with each other like this. I am sad that I don’t tend to get many responses, but I feel that my tweetdeck experience is limited keeping me from posting online. I do appreciate everyone’s feedback, it has truly helped me with my own work. I also love to read through other people’s posts. It’s very enlightening. So many great ideas, and wonderful collaboration.


  2. Simulations are fantastic for learning. If that wasn’t the case, pilots wouldn’t spend as much time as they do in simulators. As I progressed through different pilot ratings, I spent a significant time in simulators. They provided a way to experience hazardous situations without putting anyone in danger. Using them in a school classroom can be just as beneficial. It allows kids to experience things that would otherwise be impossible. You picked an interesting topic to explore this semester. I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy it as much as the kids.

    One of the benefits of the EDET courses is that they allow us to experiment with new ideas. Technology in schools is still an ongoing learning experiment. It changes so rapidly, it’s difficult to discover what works and what doesn’t. Our research class is putting a significant responsibility on us as tech leaders but it is also giving us a tremendous opportunity. Doing things differently than others can be seen as ingenuity. Different perspectives produce different findings, all of which are valuable. When all is said and done, we will know more than we did before and we will have something we can teach others in our profession.


    • Thanks! I am really enjoying researching simulations, then I get to play with some as I go through. I was reading through an article that spoke of how doctors use simulations as well. I was also told that a simulation has been created using the Juneau airport for pilots to practice landing. It is amazing how far technology has come.


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