Week 4: Literacy Review

What science technology simulation would be beneficial for students to use for research?  My literacy research is going to be based around this question.  Just last year, during my spring education courses, I was exposed to several science simulations that focused on whatever topic we were looking at.  Minecraft was the main simulation we used for the class.  It was an amazing insight into my own children’s excitement for this game.  I used my sons and some of their friends as my students.  They were so enthusiastic about participating.  They would constantly ask me if I had another science lesson for them.  They would also go far beyond my expectations with their finished products.

The  most  noticeable  observation  is  that the  data  regarding  Minecraft  in  the classroom is very positive. Most respondents indicated that Minecraft had been very successful as a teaching tool and that learners showed high levels of motivation and participation – which suggests improved learning. (Smeaton, p. 5)

I thought about focusing on one simulation but decided against it, because there are so many simulations out there with differing topics.  Being able to find simulations that focus in a particular area is important to assist guiding students through a specific area of study.

There is quite a bit of information out there about simulations and how they are helpful in the classroom, when used appropriately.  Much of the research I found on blog websites from teachers.  I found this site called Ingenious Teaching – It’s Just Plain Genius!  On this site the teacher sites many other sites where you can find simulations and explains what type of simulations you can find at those sites (Scott, 2012).  I have had to do a lot of digging to find articles that are not too specific on a certain subject.  I have posted my annotated bibliography below which continues to grow.

I found several sites that listed multiple simulation websites that I can use to explore.  The University of Colorado has created a site that shows you pictures of simulations, with a subject title below it.  When clicking on the words or pictures it allows you to use the simulation.  This free site would allow the students to explore experimentation without having to use lab equipment or be in an unsafe situation (University 2013).  I plan to personally check out these sites to experience whether I feel that they would benefit the students during their scientific exploration.  This will allow me to come up with a list to provide for them to use.

Annotated bibliography: https://www.diigo.com/list/winnsunshine/EDET-636

Scott, K. (2012, July 19). Wake Up Your Class With Simulation! Retrieved from http://ingeniousteaching.blogspot.com/2012/07/wake-your-class-up-with-simulations.html

Smeaton, D. (n.d.). Minecraft as a Teaching Tool- A Statistical Study of Teachers’ Experience Using Minecraft in the Classroom (Graduate Dissertation). Available from Academia.edu. Retrieved from https://www.academia.edu/2624927/Minecraft_As_A_Teaching_Tool_-_A_Statistical_Study_of_Teachers_Experience_Using_Minecraft_In_The_Classroom

University of Colorodo. (2013). Simulations. Retrieved from https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulations/category/by-level/elementary-school


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