Week 3 Reflection

I have been frantic this weekend! I am just starting to understand what exactly is expected of me in regards to the annotated bibliography. I have been researching all weekend, reading, watching videos and more reading on what they should look like and why I am doing it. I didn’t even make the connection between our project and this blog assignment until I read Alison’s blog on Collaboration (I wish we had an Instructional Technology Teacher in our building). I was going to do my project on my small reading groups so I wrote about evaluating the MAP testing that we are required to do in our district. Then I spoke with you, Lee, and discovered I was going in another direction. Now that I have decided to focus on my science group, and the use of technology in their research as well as presentations, I feel I can breathe again.

It was very inspiring this week to read about all of the research projects out there. I feel a little left out, since I didn’t write about my own this week. I suppose I got a lot out of this week, now that I can see how everything is being connected with the weekly blogging. I will be better prepared for next week’s blog question with this in mind. I also feel more prepared because I have a focus. Before this weekend, I was still confused and unable to come up with any sort of clear idea for a literature review. This project is going to be exciting to explore. I have a lot of reading to do, but it will be worth the research in the end.

As for this week’s blogs, I really love the collaboration piece. Hearing all of the different ideas and standpoints was fun, and will continue to be fun throughout the upcoming weeks. I learned about technology badges, which I had never heard about before. Using these as awards to give credit for student’s accomplishments is such a simple idea that can really get some students motivated. I was excited to read about all of the research projects and am looking forward to hearing what they learned about in regards to cell phone use in the classroom, Socrative “clicker” apps and the benefit of using interactive response systems. Having preschoolers use ipads to write is something that intrigues me, since I have a preschooler, and one that will be in preschool next year. So many kids have tablets and other electronics at home now-a-days. When preschoolers walk through that door, many of them already know a lot about these smart devices. It will be interesting to hear research on using ipads in a preschool classroom.

There were also two who chose to focus on engagement. Engagement is a tough one. Thomas has a great idea of using observations from other adults and/or videos. He would probably benefit from the kids being use to the camera being there daily and/or the adult popping into the room from time to time. This will give him a more accurate measure since they will be accustom to the adult and/or video being in the room. But engagement is such an abstract ability to assess, he is a brave soul to explore measuring it.


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