Week Two Reflection

This week I was reintroduced to the term classroom research. It is something I have been doing since the first moment I walked into the classroom (I just had a different term for it or I had forgotten it was called this). I gained some wonderful insight as to how we can use this data collection to improve integration of technology into the classroom. I also found some wonderful apps that will help me in the gym, which I was glad to share with others.

Jon and Thomas have already begun thinking about their research projects. I have been rolling ideas around in my head, but am still at a loss for an idea. I am in the gym, so I wasn’t sure if I could find a way to integrate technology that would be used by the students. I then thought about my reading groups, with them I don’t really have access to a lot of technology and because I only have them for 20-30 minutes a day I wasn’t sure if there was anything that I could use that would be better than what I am already doing with them.

It was refreshing to hear that other schools have the same sort of issues that we have in our district. Not having enough training or equipment, apps and programs. Keeping up to date with technology is difficult, but I was reminded how important teacher collaboration is. Sharing what we know with our colleges and being given the time to explore would be so beneficial to our growth in integrating technology. I was also reminded how social networking can be such a useful way to educate outside of the classroom. I have not heard of anyone who currently uses this in the elementary schools, but I could see how middle school or high school would be a great setting for it. This was all new to me this summer, but I see such a benefit in my own learning by using it.


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